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Rockin' on Heaven's Door (2013) HDRip [korea]

Release Date : 30 May 2013 (South Korea)
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Stars : Hong-ki Lee, Dong-seok Ma, Won-hie Lim
Quality : HDRip
Size : 500Mb

Bothered celebrity Choong-Ui (Lee Hong-Ki) climbs into issues while using legislation. Choong-Ui is actually and then pushed to accomplish volunteer have the health-care service for that terminally i'll that is gonna possibly be shut down. Whilst doing work at the hospice, Choong-Ui is able to be prepared for his very own subconscious pains as well as, as well, guide the actual individuals to stay with their aspirations.

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Part1 / Part2 >> Indowebster
Part1 / Part2 >> Indowebster

Cheongdamdong Alice


Title: 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Aelliseu 

Genre: Romance, comedy 

Episodes: 16 

Broadcast network: SBS

Format File: MP4

Size: 250 MB

File Hosting: Zippyshare

Download Drama Korea [K-Drama] Cheongdamdong Alice (Subtitle Indonesia)

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Episode 1: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 2: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 3: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 4: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 5: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 6: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 7: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 8: Part 1 | Part 2 

Episode 9: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 10: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 11: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 12: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 13: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 14: Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 15-16 Currently airing ~


Subscene : HERE

IslandSubs: HERE

To the Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You To the Beautiful You

The series centers on Goo Jae Hee, a
Korean girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track
and field competition on TV, and becomes attracted to one of the high
jump competitors, Kang Tae Joon. She begins to idolize the young athlete
and eventually transfers to Korea to attend the same school that Tae
Joon attends after he suffers an accident that could potentially end his
career. There is a catch, however: Tae Joon attends an all-boys high
school and Jae Hee must disguise herself as a boy to enter.

To the Beautiful You Cast

Choi Seol Ri as Goo Jae Hee

Min Ho as Kang Tae Joon

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Kyul

Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na

Suh Joon Young as Ha Seung Ri

Kang Ha Neul as Joo Ji Chul

Hwang Kwang Hee as Song Jong Min

Extended Cast

Yoo Min Kyu as Jo Young Man

Kim Ian (김이안) as Na Chul Soo

Ki Tae Young as Doctor Jang Min Woo

Lee Young Eun as Korean teacher Lee So Jung

Kang Kyung Joon as Athletic team coach Baek Gwang Min

Lee Han Wie as Hwang Gye Bong

Sun Woo Jae Duk as Kang Geun Wook

Ahn Hye Kyung as Sports reporter Yang Seo Yoon

Lee Ah Hyun as Director Jang

Julien Kang as Daniel

Choi Jong Yoon as Min Wook

Yoo Ra (유라) as Lee Eun Young

Jung Eun Joo (정은주) as Hong Bo Hee

Song Ji Soo (송지수) as Shin Myung Hwa

Park Tae Sung (박태성) as Chang Yeon

Nam Ji Hyun as Hong Da Hae

Kim Woo Bin as John Kim (Jae Hee’s first love) (cameo, ep 9-10)

Sang Choo (상추) as muscle student (cameo, ep 1 & 6)

Park Tae Sung (박태성) as Chang Yun (cameo, ep 3-4)

Hong Rok Gi (홍록기) as DJ in charge of the party (cameo, ep 2)

EXO-K as idol singers at the party (cameo, ep 2)

Jung Yoo Geun (정유근) as Jae Kyul (cameo, ep 4)

Led Apple as Shut Up band (cameo, ep 6)

Go Soo Hee as Old women at school cafetaria (cameo, ep 2)

To the Beautiful You Details

Title: 아름다운 그대에게 / Areumdawun Geodaeege

Also known as: To the Beautiful You / Hana Kimi / For You in Full Blossom

Genre: Romance, comedy, youth

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: SBS

To the Beautiful You Downloads:

To the Beautiful You Episode 1 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 2 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 3 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 4 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 5 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 6 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 7 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 8 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 9 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 10 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 11 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 12 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 13 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 14 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 15 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You Episode 16 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Downloads:

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 1 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 2 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 3 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 4 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 5 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 6 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 7 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 8 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 9 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 10 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 11 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 12 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 13 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 14 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 15 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You 720p Episode 16 : Download | Download | Download

To the Beautiful You English Subtitle Downloads:

To the Beautiful You English Subtitles: Download

Good Day To Have An Affair

A Good Day To Have An Affair 2007 K Movie A Good Day To Have An Affair

Two bored housewives have affairs with
two different men they meet in online chat rooms. As their
relationships developed into offline relationships they often pass each
other unwittingly in the hallways of the motels where they meet their

One day, the lady known as “Dew” is in a room with her aged college
lover. Suddenly, her husband bursts through their door, along with
police officers that he brought. The other lady known as “Small Bird” is
in a adjacent room listening to what’s going on in the other room.
Small Bird whispers to her lover to be quiet, because the police officer
in the other room is her husband.

A Good Day To Have An Affair Cast

Kim Hye-soo, Yoon Jin-seo, Lee Jong-hyuk, Lee Min-ki, Park Hyeok Kwon, Son Yeong-soon, Lee Ra-hye

A Good Day To Have An Affair Details

Korean Title: Baram-Pigi Joheun Nal

Year: 2007

Director: Jang Mun-il

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitles: English

A Good Day To Have An Affair Downloads:

A Good Day To Have An Affair Movie : Download | Download

Female Boss

A Female Boss 1959 K Movie A Female Boss
Would-be feminist Yoanna, running her
own company, is insulted in a phone booth by a stranger named Yong-ho.
While searching for a job, Yong-ho applies to a magazine named “The
Modern Woman,” not knowing that the company’s boss is in fact Yoanna.
She hires him with the intention of paying back the humiliation she
received. But his masculine attitude captivates her and she ends up
marrying him. She resigns her post and becomes a housekeeper, handing
over the company to her husband.

A Female Boss Cast

Jo Mi-ryeon, Lee Su-ryeon, Yun In-ja

A Female Boss Details

Also Known As: 여사장

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 1959

Genre: Comedy

A Female Boss Downloads:

A Female Boss Movie : Download | Download

Dream Comes True

A Dream Comes True 2009 K Movie A Dream Comes True

Sang-hyeon (Cha In-Pyo) is a
third-rate comedian who works in a shady nightclub. One day, a man comes
into the club with his son and a briefcase. The man looks for the owner
but he’s not around.

Later that evening Sang-hyeon witnesses a car accident involving the man
that came into the nightclub. The man is dying and he asks Sang-hyeon
to take his son and briefcase to his wife.

Sang-hyeon goes to the deceased man’s family with the son and briefcase.
The family asks Sang-hyeon to take the son Jae-yeong to his mother in
Donghae, South Korea. Sang-hyeon is a gambling addict and because of
this is in heavy debt. The family offers to pay Sang-hyeon a large
amount of money if he would take the son. Sang-hyeon already dreams of
stopping at a casino in nearby Jeongseon after delivering the boy.

When Sang-hyeon arrives at the address given him to by Jae-yeong’s
family, the mother is nowhere to be found. Making matters worse, loan
sharks that Sang-hyeon owes money to arrive and takes the money given to
Sang-hyeon by Jae-yeong’s family. Sang-hyeon is now broke and Jae-yeong
believes that his mother has abandoned him. They then come across Ha-na
(Kim Hyo-Jin), a drifter who works as a cheap dancer. The three of them
continue their journey to find Jae-yeong’s mother …

A Dream Comes True Cast

Cha In-Pyo – Sang-hyeon Lim

Kim Hyo-Jin – Ha-na Lee

Kim Cheol-Ki

Lee Geum-Ju

Chae Geon – Jae-Young

A Dream Comes True Details

Year: 2009

Genre: Drama

A Dream Comes True Downloads:

A Dream Comes True Movie : Download | Download

Dirty Carnival

A Dirty Carnival 2006 K Movie A Dirty Carnival

Byung-Doo is a low-level gangster,
barely able to take care of his family and the people under him in his
gangster family. His mafia boss frequently short changes Byung-Doo and
gives the more lucrative jobs to other people in the organization.
Byung-Doo soon decides to take fate into his own hands and improve the
situation for himself, his family and his mafia family.

Byung-Doo sits in on a dinner between his boss, Sang-Cheul and the
top boss in the mafia group, President Hwang. Hwang complains to
Sang-Cheul that he is getting hounded by an attorney that knows more
than Hwang would like him to know about his organization. Hwang asks
Sang-Cheul if he could fix his problem, but Sang-Cheul politely declines
knowing the ramifications from the police force if he attempted such a
brazen act. After the meeting, President Hwang asks Byung-Doo to be his
chauffeur that evening. When Byung-Doo drives Hwang home, he decides to
take the risk and potential rewards of fixing Hwang’s problem

Meanwhile Byung-Doo meets two people from his grade school days.
Min-Ho is an aspiring filmmaker that wants to learn from Byung-Doo about
his mafia organization. He is attempting to make his first film which
deals with the mafia, but finds that his script lacks originality and
authenticity. The other person is Hyun-Ju, a girl that Byung-Doo has
always had a crush on, but was never able to get close to. They become
better acquainted through Min-Ho and soon develop a rocky relationship,
that is burdened by Hyun-Ju’s disapproval over Byung-Doo’s gangster

A Dirty Carnival Cast

Jo In-Seong, Jin Gu,Namgung Min

A Dirty Carnival Details

Also known as: Mean Street / Biyeolhan Geori

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Release Date: 2006

Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller

A Dirty Carnival Downloads:

A Dirty Carnival Movie : Download | Download

Devilish Murder

A Devilish Murder 1965 K Movie A Devilish Murder

A portrait sets in motion a set of strange occurences for a normal family-man.

A jealous mother had killed her daughter-in-law with the maid’s help. But the

murdered woman’s spirit has designs upon those in the physical world…the
woman is reincarnated as a cat to take her revenge on the killers.

A Devilish Murder Cast

Ye-chun Lee

Geum-bong Do

Ae-ran Jeong

A Devilish Murder Details

Also Known As: Salinma

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 1965

Genre: Horror, Thriller

A Devilish Murder Downloads:

A Devilish Murder Movie : Download | Download

Day With My Son

A Day With My Son K Movie A Day With My Son

Lee Gang Sik (Cha Seung Won) is
serving a life sentence for murder. For the last 15 years, he has been
on his best behavior, and now his wish has finally come true. Gang Sik
has been granted a one-day leave to visit his family, and as the day
draws closer and closer, he is overcome with both excitement and
nervousness. There is so much he wants to say to his teenaged son (Ryu
Deok Hwan), whom he hasn’t seen since incarceration, but the feeling
isn’t exactly reciprocated. Forced to grow up at an early age, his son
has had a tough life, taking care of his troubled mother on his own, and
in his eyes, he sees not a father, but a stranger, a criminal. How can
Gang Sik make up for 15 years with just one day’s time?

A Day With My Son Cast

Cha Seung Won, Ryoo Deok Hwan, Kim Ji-yeong, Lee Sang-hoon-I, Lee Moon-soo

A Day With My Son Details

Also Known As: My son

Directed by: Jang Jin

Country: Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2007

Genre: Drama

A Day With My Son Downloads:

A Day With My Son Movie : Download

Cruel Attendance

A Cruel Attendance 2006 K Movie A Cruel Attendance

Dong-chul is a typical “salary man”, a
doting father and a loving husband. But he’s got a secret that’s
catching up with him fast. He can barely pay the interest on a debt he
has to repay to a sinister loan shark. To make matters worse, the due
date on the principal is approaching like a runaway train. When he gets
caught up in a kidnapping scheme with his friend Man-ho, he finds out
exactly why he makes a pretty terrible kidnapper. He fumbles with the
rope when tying his hostage up and he can barely make the ransom call.
So when she gets the call from the kidnappers who took his daughter,
he’s caught between a rock and hard place.

A Cruel Attendance Cast

* Su-ro Kim – Dong-cheol

* Seon-gyun Lee – Min-ho

* Kyeong-heon Kang – Dong-cheol’s wife

* Byeong-ok Kim – Baek-dong Ju

* Eung-su Kim

* Young-min Kim

* Eun-ah Ko – Tae-hee

A Cruel Attendance Details

Revised romanization: Janhokhan chulgeun

Hangul: 잔혹한 출근

Director: Tae-yun Kim

Writer: Tae-yun Kim

A Cruel Attendance Downloads:

A Cruel Attendance Movie : Download | Download

Brand New Life

A Brand New Life 2009 K Movie A Brand New Life

“A Brand New Life” is a co-production between South Korea and France.


1975. Jinhee is 9. Her father entrusts her to a convent of Catholic nuns
that houses an orphanage for girls in the hope that she will be
adopted. She cannot believe that this father whom she loves so much has
abandoned her. She attempts to run away. In vain, she finally ac- cepts
her fate, forced to hope and wait for her possible adoption.

Jinhee’s time at the orphanage will be one of multiple and permanent
separations, of barely forged bonds destined to be shattered. And, at
the journey’s end, there will be the promise, perhaps of a new life, of a
brand new life.

A Brand New Life Details

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English/Korean

A Brand New Life Downloads:

A Brand New Life Movie : Download | Download

A Bold Family

A Bold Family K Movie A Bold Family

From director Jo Myeong Nam comes A
Bold Family, a winning comedy about the crazy lengths people will go
just for the sake of money. Also known by the title Super Family, the
film tells the story of two brothers, Myong Sok (Kam Woo Seong) and
Myong Gyu (Kim Soo Ro). When the elder brother Myong Sok becomes plagued
with debt, he soon realizes that his terminally-ill father holds the
key to resolving his financial woes. Sometime in the past, Mr. Kim (Shin
Goo) bought some property that is now worth 5 billion won. However, any
dreams of inheriting that land seem moot when Kim’s future plans are
revealed. It seems the old man was separated from his first family in
North Korea, and desperately wishes to see the wife and daughter he left
behind. Thus, if the Koreas are not unified by the time of his death,
Kim plans to give over the land to the Unification Ministry!

This turn of events leads Myong Sok to hatch a plan with his younger
brother, a B-grade erotic film director, to trick their father into
believing that North and South Korea are unified, hoping such news will
put them in a position to inherit the vast family fortune. So with the
help of the rest of the family and Myong Gyu’s guerrilla film crew, the
two brothers start faking North Korean television broadcasts in order to
dupe their father! But what starts out as simple plan becomes
increasingly complex and out-of-hand, leading not only the family, but
everyone around them to participate in this elaborate charade! Will the
two brothers succeed?

A Bold Family Cast

Woo-seong Kam, Su-mi Kim, Su-ro Kim, Kan-hie Lee, Hyeong-jun Lim, Goo Shin, Yi Shin, Ji-ru Sung

A Bold Family Details

Also Known As: Gan-keun gajok

Directed by: Myeong-nam Jo

Country: Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2005

Genre: Comedy, Drama

A Bold Family Downloads:

A Bold Family Movie : Download | Download

A Bloody Aria

A Bloody Aria 2006 K Movie A Bloody Aria

Park Young-sun, a college professor,
meets In-jeong, one of the prettiest students in his class, by chance at
an audition for a big musical project. A reckless womanizer, he asks
In-jeong to take a ride with him. They drive to a riverside and he
attempts to become intimate. However, to his surprise, In-jeong declines
his advances, and runs away. While waiting for her to return, Young-sun
encounters a group of cruel and brutal youths who may have killed

A Bloody Aria Details

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2006

Genre: Thriller, Drama

A Bloody Aria Downloads:

A Bloody Aria Movie : Download | Download

A Blind River

A Blind River 2009 K Movie A Blind River

Frozen in time, like dust scattered memories | reality and fantasy and from one family’s tragic journey

Australia adopted Lucas to find the mother who abandoned her come to
Korea to find his parents but not signs of being frustrated with his
girlfriend to travel alone, leave, parting the motel to meet her
daughter accidentally entangled with the strange story doemyeonseo

A Blind River Cast

Ji Ah

Pak Sang Hoon

Lee Hwa Shi

Kim Ae Ree

Pak Ji Yun

A Blind River Details

Also Known As: 귀향

Directed by: Yun Sun kyung

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean, English

Subtitle: English

Year: 2009

Genre: Drama

A Blind River Downloads:

A Blind River Movie : Download | Download

A Bittersweet Life

A Bittersweet Life 2005 K Movie A Bittersweet Life

Sunwoo is no ordinary hotel manager.
Decisive and efficient, he’s also the right hand man of underworld boss
Kang. But tough guy Kang has a weakness; his young girlfriend Heesoo.
Suspecting she’s unfaithful, Kang orders Sunwoo to take care of the
problem. When Sunwoo discovers Heesoo with another man, he is unable to
kill them without a reasonable explanation. Sunwoo has a hunch that in
doing so he has made the first mistake of his life. But before he can
figure out why he has this feeling he falls victim to a surprise attack.

Kang is furious and has ordered his gang members to hunt down Sunwoo and
kill him. Heesoo may have triggered the conflict, but she is no longer
what is driving Sunwoo. With nerves of steel, Sunwoo battles the gang
alone. With each kill, he takes one step closer to Kang.

A Bittersweet Life Cast

Jeong-min Hwang, Yu-mi Jeong Ku Jin, Hae-gon Kim, Roe-ha Kim

A Bittersweet Life Details

Release date: 2005

Running time: 120 min.

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Genre: Action, Crime

A Bittersweet Life Downloads:

A Bittersweet Life Movie : Download | Download

A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow 2010 K Movie A Better Tomorrow

“A Better Tomorrow” is a remake of the
1986 film “A Better Tomorrow” by John Woo, it’s a co-production between
South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Kim Hyuk (Joo Jin-Mo) lives the fast life as a high ranking mobster in
the port city of Busan, South Korea. His closet friend is fellow mobster
Lee Young-Choon (Song Seung-Heon). Even though Kim Hyuk seems to be on
top of the world, he is haunted by the memory of leaving behind his
younger brother Kim Chul (Kim Kang-Woo) and mother as they attempted to
flee into South Korea from North Korea. Kim Hyuk’s mother was beaten to
death and Kim Chul imprisoned after they were caught by North Korean

Kim Hyuk then travels to Thailand with new gang recruit Jung Tae-Min
(Jo Han-Seon) for a meeting with Thai gangsters. The meeting turns out
to be a set-up, planned in part by Jung Tae-Min. Kim Hyuk is able to
shoot his way out the meeting, but he is later caught by the Thai police
and imprisoned. When good friend Lee Young-Choon hears of what happened
to Kim Hyuk in Thailand, he goes to the Thai gang’s holdout in Pusan to
kill their boss. During the shootout Jung Tae-Min is shot in the leg.

Three years later, Kim Hyuk is finallly released from prison and
travels back to Busan. He finds his close friend Lee Young-Choon washing
cars now and has a limp leg. Jung Tae-Min, the man that betrayed him,
has climbed up the mob ranks and is now a feared crime boss.
Furthermore, Kim Hyuk’s younger brother Kim Chul has arrived in Busan
and works for the Busan Police Department. Meanwhile, Kim Chul keeps
close tabs on Jung Tae-Min as he attempts to take down their gang.

When Jung Tae-Min attempts to take out Kim Hyuk’s younger brother,
Kim Hyuk throws himself back into the gang world to exact revenge

A Better Tomorrow Cast

Joo Jin-mo , Song Seung-heon , Kim Kang-woo , Jo Han-seon

A Better Tomorrow Details

Also Known As: The Invincible

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2010

Genre: Action

A Better Tomorrow Downloads:

A Better Tomorrow Movie : Download | Download

A Barefoot Dream

A Barefoot Dream 2010 K Movie A Barefoot Dream

After a series of pipe dream ventures
go belly up, retired pro soccer player Kim Won-kang happens to visit
East Timor, where he finds children playing the game barefoot on rocky
pitches. Sensing a new business opportunity on finding the country
doesn’t have a single sporting goods store, he embarks on a scheme to
get rich quick by purveying athletic shoes to the unshod youngsters.
Sadly, no one there can afford to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, even on a
generous installment plan, and before he knows it, he is reduced to
coaching a team of ragged 10-year-olds and prospects are looking grim.

A Barefoot Dream Cast

Park Hee-soon, Ko Chang-seok, Kei Shimizu, Francisco Varela, Fernando Pinto, Filomena Costa, Marlina Simoes

A Barefoot Dream Details

Country: South Korea, Japan

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama, Sport

A Barefoot Dream Downloads:

A Barefoot Dream Movie : Download | Download

71 – Into the Fire

71 – Into the Fire 2010 K Movie 71 – Into the Fire

A story of 71 student soldier
trainees who fought an impossible war against seasoned North Korean army
during Korean War which broke out in 1950. Based on real history, the
film delicately depicts the fierce battle that teenage student soldiers
fall into as they fight to protect the final defense line by themselves
when under a surprise attack and their emotions and conflicts as they
experience the grown-ups’ war.
71 – Into the Fire Cast

Cha Seung-won, Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Seung-hyeon, Kim Seung-woo, Kim Hye-seong, Koo Seong-hwan

71 – Into the Fire Details

Also Known As: “Into the Gunfire”

Country: Korean

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Year: 2010

Genre: Action, War

71 – Into the Fire Downloads:

71 – Into the Fire Movie : Download | Download

6 Years in Love

6 Years in Love 2008 K Movie 6 Years in Love

“Nothing special” is also a keyword
for Da-jin (Kim Ha-neul), a hard-working editor at a publishing company,
and her boyfriend Jae-young (Yoon Gye-sang), an equally diligent home
shopping producer. Six years ago, they began to date. Two years ago,
they started sleeping together. Now, they are next-door neighbors, but
the wall separating their houses does not have any significant function.
They virtually share their rooms — and bedrooms at night. They know
each other inside and out so much so that they begin to feel a bit
bored, and the magical sparks and excitement is already gone. Their
relationships seem to have passed a stage where something special is at

As with other cohabitating couples, there is a risk that Da-jin and
Jae-young remain unmarried and yet share so many things in life.
Infidelity is one of many risks, though it’s pretty fatal given that
cohabitation does not entail as strong a commitment as marriage. Da-jin
tries to hire a top-notch book designer for her latest project. She
juggles up various strategies to win the heart of this much-sought-after
designer without realizing that her charm as an attractive woman goes
rarely unnoticed. By the way, Kim Ha-neul seems at ease with her role,
even in a scene where she has to act as an experienced lover…

Also known as: Lovers of 6 Years/ 6 nyeon-jjae yeonae-jung

6 Years in Love Cast

Ha-Neul Kim as Da-jin Lee

Gye-sang Yun as Jae-yeong Kim

Ji-young Ok as Mi-yeong

Dong-won Seo as Min-hae

Seong-rok Shin as Jin-seong

6 Years in Love Details

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Comedy / Romance

6 Years in Love Downloads:

6 Years in Love Movie : Download | Download

4th Period Mystery

4th Period Mystery 2009 K Movie 4th Period Mystery
During fourth period, high schooler
Da-jeong finds his classmate Tae-gyu dead in a classroom and Jeong-hun
standing in front of him with blood on his clothes. In order to stop
Jeong-hun from becoming the prime suspect, Da-jeong must help him find
the real murderer, who is still inside the school building, under 40
minutes before period four ends.

4th Period Mystery Cast

Yoo Seung-ho As Han Jeong-hoon

Kang So-ra As Lee Da-jeong

4th Period Mystery Details

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense

Release year: 2009

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

4th Period Mystery Downloads:

4th Period Mystery Movie : Download | Download